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“The very first time I saw Pink Floyd Niagara on Stage was Canada Day 2018, when I was honoured to emcee the event. The Band did not simply ‘entertain’ the capacity crowd at the Welland Amphitheatre, but produced a visceral sense of excitement and emotion, felt by an audience that knew they were experiencing something momentous.Since then, I have become a true fan and a friend of the members of Pink Floyd Niagara. In my 11 years as a Classic Rock broadcaster with 91.7 Giant FM, I have taken every opportunity to promote and interview the real people that make up this incredible collection of talented individuals! Now, with my weekly Podcast on, I continue to feature in-studio visits with members, and to help get the word out, so that my listeners can enjoy their superb live productions as much as I do. Sellouts are the rule, and I always remind Pink Floyd Niagara fans to plan ahead, so as not to miss out on a musical experience like no other in Southern Ontario. Close your eyes for a moment, and you will truly believe that the original Pink Floyd is in front of you!”

Pat Porter, Pat Porter Show

“In the last four summers the Welland Downtown BIA has used Pink Floyd Niagara to close out our Concerts on the Canal Series in Downtown Welland. Like any concert series you want to end things off with a bang. That’s what Pink Floyd does every year by creating “wish you were here” moments for our concert attendees. Their audio and visual impacts always draw our biggest crowds to the point where we have had no choice but to book them the last four summers the BIA due to popular demand. The band is also very easy to work with from a logistical and booking during the organizing stage. We strongly recommend Pink Floyd Niagara for any concert series to dazzle your crowds with sounds and sights of all the essential Pink Floyd classics.” – Kelly Jones, Welland Downtown BIA Board Chair

"Like a classical symphony striving to keep the music of the Masters alive through performance, the members of Pink Floyd Niagara are committed to meticulous recreation of the music and the visuals originally crafted by Pink Floyd. This is a professional collective of passionate musicians who are united in their desire to give audiences a stunningly accurate performance every time they take the stage. Simply put, this is Canada's best Pink Floyd tribute." 

David DeRocco, Editor,

"Well I've always had a deep respect and I mean that most sincerely. The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think. Oh by the way, which one's Pink?" 

Mr. Big, Infamous Record Company Executive 

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