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Eric Price

Keyboards, Percussion, Guitar, Costumes, Vocals, Audio and Visuals

 An inaugural member of the band, Eric, wears many hats during the show - both figuratively and literally. 


 Eric is a multi-instrumentalist/IT specialist whose duties include keyboards, percussion, guitars, vocals and computer/ video synchronization.


His love of showmanship also brought another dimension to the show in the form of some unique characters and costumes. These include, the tyrannical Headmaster featured during ‘The Wall’ medley, the Fascist leader during ‘In the Flesh’ and his original creation - the fat-cat, cigar-smoking, disingenuous record executive, “Mr. Bigg”, who sings his business pitch to the band for ‘Have a Cigar’.


As Eric states, “I’ve always had a deep respect for the band, and I mean that most sincerely”.

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