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Since 1967 Pink Floyd has released 23 Albums containing over 200 individual tracks.

The most accomplished and complete concept album in rock, “Dark Side of the Moon” has sold over 35 million copies worldwide and spent over 760 weeks (over 14 years) on the Billboard Charts.  It’s estimated that one in every 14 people in the USA under the age of 50 owns a copy of this album, and it still sells 250,000 copies per year.

Pink Floyd is part of our collective memory and has universal audience appeal. It is family friendly and is accessible to people both young and old alike.  The performance is delivered with such intensity that the emotional reaction of the audience ranges from dreamlike serenity to awestruck amazement.

Since 2007 Pink Floyd Niagara has been recreating the Floyd concert experience to enthusiastic sold out crowds. This award-winning show feature 8 performers dedicated to reproducing the live Floyd performance with precision and attention to the album track details.

Musician Information:


Larry was born in the 1950’s in Brantford, Ontario.

He studied Ontario Conservatory Piano from the age of five till fifteen and disliked every minute of it. Larry also studied woodwinds through the high school years and performed in both Concert and Stage bands. Finally understanding what all this study and training were for, Larry snuck into a bar at an early age and saw Canadian rockers Thunder Mug. It was time to put away the sheet music and learn how to play rock…

In 1976, he studied Recording Production & Engineering at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, where Larry met former bandmates Greg Johns and Rick Neufeld.



By 1979, Larry hit the road with other Fanshawe alumni and toured Canada till 1982 when I was reunited with Greg and Rick in Niagara Falls with prog-rockers Spectrum.Along with former Pink Floyd Niagara bandmates Rob Wells and Mike Berardelli, Larry formed Ice Nine, touring Canada and the US, playing originals and Pink Floyd music.His musical journey included stints with Geneva, White Frost and The Fab Two where I teamed up with bandmates Eric Price and Mark Christopher.

The late 80’s till present had Larry playing in Ice Nine and Spectrum and again playing lot’s of Pink Floyd music.
Pink Floyd Niagara is the culmination of our collective experience. Putting this project together with friends who are dedicated professionals has made it a very natural thing to do.


Phil was born and raised in Niagara and started playing music at 15. He studied classical double bass in Buffalo and jazz in Toronto, and since obtaining a university degree in music he does his best to play, teach, and experience every type of music he can.



Allan has been hitting the skins since the age of 3. Growing up he always listened to his dad’s band rehearse in their basement and their grew the appreciation of wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. By age 15, he started playing in local bands in bars, though underage as long as his dad was there to watch, everything was cool. In 1999, he was crowned drum solo champion from the American Guild of Music competition held in Dearborn Michigan.

Allan eventually became a founding member of Oliver Black, a Niagara based rock group that eventually signed a worldwide record deal.




The record label eventually filed for bankruptcy, which resulted in the bands debut album never being commercially released.  Allan had the luxury of touring with such great acts as Ted Nugent, Three Days Grace, Default, The Trews, Theory of a Deadman, Thornley and many more.

Growing up and listening to Pink Floyd it was a no brainer to join Pink Floyd Niagara in 2017 when the opportunity presented itself.


Allan is endorsed and shows his love to these amazing companies:

Yamaha Drums

Sabian Cymbals

Vic Firth drumsticks

Evans Drum Heads



Born in the early 60's, Mark started playing guitar at the age of seven. He took up drums at age ten and keyboards at age twelve. Mark has been singing and writing music since he can remember. At the tender age of twenty Mark went on the road for the first time with a rock band  called The Criminals.

They played many “B” venues between Niagara Falls and Kapuskasing. His next stop was with his very own top 40’s/progressive rock group called Montage. Engagements would be throughout Ontario and Quebec. After a year, Montage folded and Mark immediately joined a Toronto based band called Night Shift in which he did a five minute long guitar solo after which his guitar was blown up with the aid of flash pots and taped explosions, ahhh, the eighties…


After a year on the road with "Night Shift", Mark gave up the road life to concentrate solely on writing, recording as well as promoting his own original material. After years of pain staking work trying to get himself heard and having little success Mark then decided, in 1990, to go back to playing covers in a duo called The Fab Two. The duo was quite successful in the Niagara area and through which he met Larry Swiercz who was my third partner in  the duo. Also during this period Rob Wells (original PFN member) came into the picture to form a second band called My Three Sons. When The Fab Two ended in '96, Mark put together another three-piece band called "Randy Pantz", playing everything from Pink Floyd to Herb Alpert.


Forward to 1998 when the band Ice Nine made a come back, once again uniting Mark with Pink Floyd Niagara’s Larry Swiercz and Rob Wells. It was in this band where he finally got to play over an hour of Pink Floyd music, early inklings of things to come. From 2000 into 2006, Mark was a member of yet another duo, Common Ground. Tired of playing Top 40 music in small time venues, Mark decided to retire from music unless a worthwhile project that would be exciting and enjoyable enough to un-retire and that's just what happened. Pink Floyd Niagara is definitely the best project I've ever been involved with.


Let Mark’s own words relay to one his feelings about this project…


“Initially, the thought of playing with so many musicians in one project scared me as there can be more problems the more people you add to the mix. But everyone in "PFN" are professional, seasoned musicians, all on the same page and all striving to do their best to make this the definitive "Pink Floyd" show. On the guitar end I'm having a blast recreating David Gilmour's tones. Going as far as to having the active pick up system he used installed in my Fender Strat to come as close as I can to his sound. Unfortunately that's only half the battle. Gilmour's style is second to none. A guitar hero that is difficult to replicate; but I believe that is what makes us a cut above the rest. We have spent a lot of time on detail, striving to recreate the Pink Floyd sound as close as we can get it: note for note, tone for tone. I am extremely proud to be a part of "PINK FLOYD NIAGARA" as are we all and I am looking forward to performing in this project for years to come.”


What can we say about Eric Price? Politician, Nobel prize winner, teacher, millionaire, these are all people who Eric has lived next to.

Equally at ease on a drum set, piano or guitar this journeyman musician helps round out the band. Combine this with his strong vocal presence and love of entertaining and you have a notable talent. Eric has played in rock and country bands too numerous to list for over 35 years. He has toured Canada and the U.S. on stage, live radio and on TV.

“The band is a real pleasure to be a part of. It is great fun and a challenge for me. Every night I have the opportunity to utilize my diverse musical skills”




Stan has played saxophone for over 40 years. He played in his first “group” with pianist Bill Murphy at the age of 12, delighting an audience of senior citizens, education board members and elementary school students.

He has played all kinds of music, from continental to experimental.

Since his humble beginnings mentioned above, Stan has played with many bands and in many musical settings, all across Canada and the eastern United States. His sounds have been heard with groups such as:

”The Vomatones”, “The Walter Ostanek Band”, “The Lincolns”, “Jambone and Friends”, “The Ants Need Rolaids”, “The Ants”, “The X-Statics”, “Like Always”, “The Nationals”, “The Mohawk College Jazz Band”,
”The Niagara College Jazz Band”, “The Warren Stirtzinger Group”, “Welland’s Iron and Brass”, “Explosion”, “Urban Renewal”, “The Variations”, “The Nu-Tones”, “Ichabod”, “Secret Sauce”, “Mr. Magic”,
“The Western Senators”, “Al Pic and The Shovels”, “Ned Green”, ”Doug Mundy”, “Joe Ingrao”, and “The Joe Ingrao Tribute Band”.


Stan’s saxophone teachers include Roger Norris, Dick Griffo and Stephen Rosenthal.


Singing since she could talk, writing songs and recording her own music. Tina studied theatre at Humber college. A Mother of three she stays very busy yet remains devoted to her love of music.




Starting as early as 11 years old, Suzanne appeared in the Toronto May Festival Children’s Chorus at famous Massey Hall.  As a teen, she sang dinner sets at the Toronto’s Fisherman's Wharf with the Art Snider Trio.


Moving to the Niagara Region in 1987, Suzanne got involved with Garden City Productions in "Never Let Go" a tribute to the 50's, and "Just a Little Musical" - a variety salute to Broadway. Very soon afterwards in 1992, she auditioned and performed with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra in an original opera, "Five of Hearts" at Shaw Festival Theatre in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. At the same time, she was working the bar circuit with StarMakers Karaoke Road show as both a hostess/MC and live performer. 

Suzanne later teamed up with Larry Townsend in an adult contemporary musical duo called "Sneak Preview" in 1994 performing in various night clubs in Toronto & Hamilton as well as the Niagara Region. Going back to her theatre roots a couple of years later, she was the female lead as in Port Colborne Operatic Society's production of "Guys & Dolls" all the while continuing a regular engagement at the Cairn Croft Lounge in the Best Western Hotel, Niagara Falls as a professional MC and performer doing a karaoke show several nights a week.


One of the original members of Pink Floyd Niagara, in 2008 Suzanne entered the world of Classic Rock.  After winning Entertainer of the Year with the Niagara Music Awards the band went into hiatus. Not ready to stop performing, she started a Classic Rock trio called Sheer Impact with her old pal Larry Townsend and Denis Gignac.  Along with doing the bar circuit, they were asked to be the opening act for Classic Albums Live tribute to AC/DC at Zooz in Stevensville, Ontario which was quite a thrill.  When Pink Floyd Niagara came back for another run in 2013, Suzanne was back at it again and now, in 2018 with the ‘new’ Pink Floyd Niagara - Delicate Sound of Thunder, she’s absolutely thrilled to be, once again  part of one of the best tribute bands out there today!






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